Football tips: What promos punters usually look for

Which promotions are punters usually looking for?

One of the essences of sports betting and the thing that makes it so popular worldwide is the different promotions that people can try out. Some sites are more advanced than others and have more perks, but almost all online bookmakers will provide at least a couple of options to choose from.

The fact that there are so many promotions for online betting does not mean that all of them are good. For example, 1xBet online provides numerous advantages to bettors, particularly with their fantastic welcome offer, and the site has a lot of other perks that people can try out. However, other companies aren’t the same and try to provide all kinds of things, most of which are not good at all.

Quality is more important than quantity in the world of bonuses for sports betting. That’s why this article will share some of the promotions that you should focus on if you decide to put it to the test.

Welcome offers

If there is something that people like more than betting on the sport they’re interested in is doing it with someone else’s money. That’s what most bettors think happens when they try out one of the welcome bonuses offered by online betting sites. Even though almost all of those rewards require a real deposit, players usually get more extra funds, so they think they’re going to bet with the additional money.

While it’s true that having access to more funds is a plus, most welcome bonuses become available once people exhaust their initial deposit. In other words, punters will have to lose the money they’ve deposited before having access to the additional funds.

What’s even worse is that they won’t be able to pull out this amount unless they complete the rollover conditions, which show the number of times that the offer has to be used. The majority of sports betting operators have relatively low conditions, but there might be some exceptions.

Free bets

The name of the promotion itself makes it one of the most attractive perks of sports betting for people from all over the world. When discussing free bets, we must remember that all bookies have different versions of this perk. Some of them will give those free bets without the need for a deposit, whereas others are only available once people decide to fund their account.

Another thing about free bets is the way they work. A lot of bookmakers will only offer them for some sports, and people will need to wager on specific markets and choose odds that are higher than 1.50. However, there are bookies that give clients more freedom, allowing them to choose from a wide range of things.

Extra odds

The promotions in sports betting related to the odds that people have access to can come in different forms. Some bookies call them extra odds, but you can also find places with boosted odds, Extra Win or something similar. Regardless of the name used, these perks provide the same things because they increase peoples’ odds.

The extra odds promotions are slightly different than those you’re probably used to because they do not work for all sports. In fact, bookies will only target those that bring them more customers, such as football and tennis. However, there are instances where some brands may try to provide extra odds for certain sports so that they can popularise them.


The last type of sports betting promotion we want to include in this article is called Advancebet, and is completely different than what you may expect. Instead of giving people additional money or better odds, this one will let them wager with money they do not have yet. This is achieved by allowing clients to use their hypothetical winnings from an existing bet to wager on something.

Once users find the outcome of their original bet, they can either keep the new one or the operator will close it because they won’t have enough funds. In other words, Advancebet gives them a chance to punt on something without taking any additional risk, at least at first.