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Bow Monday 5-a-side

Compete with other players

5aside.com is the only UK league to award goals, MOMs + assists – It’s fantasy five-a-side football! (#MoreThanJustAGame)


End of season player awards

The top performers are presented with “Golden boot”, “Most creative player” & “Player of the season” trophies (#Ultimate5aside)

Top Scorers

1Sam O62
2Josh S49
3Tom S49
4Ashwin K44
5Nick G39
6Karl R36
7Joe J28
8Alex P27
9Chris C26
10Ben E26


1Ben E15
2Sam O15
3Mikey D14
4Josh S14
5Jack S14
6Jack B14
7Tom S14
8Ashwin K14
9Josh J14
10Conor W S13

League: Player hall of fame

Golden boot

Award winnerSeason
Vin GSummer/Autumn 2019
Vin GSpring 2019
Mark PAutumn 2018
Anderson FSummer 2018
Sin CSpring 2018

Most creative

Award winnerSeason
Ashwin KSummer/Autumn 2019
Ashwin KSpring 2019
Tom SAutumn 2018
Henry PSummer 2018
Sin CSpring 2018

Player of the season

Award winnerSeason
Vin GSummer/Autumn 2019
Tom SSpring 2019
Rob MSummer 2018
Anderson FSummer 2018
Griffin HSpring 2018

5aside.com: Player hall of fame

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(No. V-LON4508)

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