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Bow Monday 5-a-side

Compete with other players

5aside.com is the only UK league to award goals, MOMs + assists – It’s fantasy five-a-side football! (#MoreThanJustAGame)


End of season player awards

The top performers are presented with “Golden boot”, “Most creative player” & “Player of the season” trophies (#Ultimate5aside)

Top Scorers

1Sam O32
2Nick G25
3Josh S24
4Tom S22
5Ben R14
6Ashwin K14
7Karl R14
8Joe J13
9Ben E13
10Alex P13

League: Player hall of fame

Golden boot

Award winnerSeason
Vin GSummer/Autumn 2019
Vin GSpring 2019
Mark PAutumn 2018
Anderson FSummer 2018
Sin CSpring 2018

Most creative

Award winnerSeason
Ashwin KSummer/Autumn 2019
Ashwin KSpring 2019
Tom SAutumn 2018
Henry PSummer 2018
Sin CSpring 2018

Player of the season

Award winnerSeason
Vin GSummer/Autumn 2019
Tom SSpring 2019
Rob MSummer 2018
Anderson FSummer 2018
Griffin HSpring 2018

5aside.com: Player hall of fame

Rated excellent by the teams

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FA affiliated league
(No. V-LON4508)

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