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We honour the most capable and committed players in the “Player hall of fame”. Ballers from every 5aside.com division, league and venue that we have, and will ever run are included in this prestigious list (#MoreThanJustAGame)

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5aside.com is the only UK league to award goals, MOMs + assists – It’s fantasy five-a-side football! (#Ultimate5aside)

Top scorers

1Tom H198
2James M177
3Dom L171
4Andy G166
5Tom P164
6Joey M164
7Mark P161
8Sam A155
9Josh S154
10Tsvetomir R147
11Sam B143
12Vin G137
13Mark OH122
14Ryan F119
15Karl R115
16Michael S114
17Robert O110
18Tom H108
19James G108
20James C102
21Ashwin K99
22Nick G99
23Tom S97
24Jono W90
25Rene G90
26Sam O89
27Mark G86
28Ed M86
29Dan M85
30Ben G85
31Zac B84
32Matt S83
33Alex B83
34Calum M82
35Jake H82
36Ollie G82
37Abdul C80
38Matt H79
39Elliot A79
40Luke H77
41Marcus R73
42Thaddeus V73
43Joey Ma70
44Simm O70
45Ben T69
46Rob M68
47Mo R67
48Sean E66
49Anderson F62
50Richard C62

Most appearances

1Sam B147
2Tom P141
3Andy G130
4Sam A120
5Mo R105
6James M104
7James C100
8Mark OH99
9Chris G97
10Ben T96
11Dan M91
12Simm O85
13Dom L83
14Chris J83
15Adam B83
16Sean E82
17Joe C80
18Jake H77
19James G77
20Stuart F77
21Tom H76
22Robert O76
23Joey M74
24Rene G71
25Joe F69
26Michael S69
27Jono W68
28Colin M66
29Bieber A66
30Adam B66
31Tom H64
32Max G63
33Pat S62
34Stan V59
35Luke H59
36Elliot A59
37Ryan F54
38Alex B54
39Benjamin C52
40Tsvetomir R52
41Ed M52
42Gavin P51
43Mark P50
44Joseph Q49
45Luke Oz49
46Ricky C49
47Ollie G49
48James O48
49Matt H48
50Kydd B48

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