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In-depth stats (like fantasy football!)
Player rankings, team stats, opposition analysis, player scouting, match timelines, charts...
Five a side football (but better!)
The best 5 a side 3G pitches, top FA refs, pitchside scoreboards and an unparalleled range of stats...
Player cards - Profiles (gone pro!)
Track your 5 a side football career - Watch ratings and status grow to compete against other players...

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More features, low fees and less admin

5aside.com™ provides teams with premium 5 a side football leagues. As well as getting the usual 5 a side (and 6 a side & 7 a side) essentials right with quality pitches, refs & footballs, we offer more features than other London five a side football leagues. We also keep match fees and admin to the bare minimum. Get in touch with us today and a league manager will get back to you within minutes.

More than just a game

Whether it’s social drinks after your matches (and comparing stats!) with your team, playing regular football, or an excuse to meet up with mates and work colleagues, we understand that 5 a side football is more than just a game to the 1.6 million of us that play – We provide you with everything you for your weekly game plus a goal-full of extra features…

5aside.com™ locations

Top 5 a side football London locations & facilities

Our London fiveaside venues are easily accessible with decent public transport links and typically have showers and changing rooms on site. Stop the search – You have already found the ultimate 5 a side league!

Still on the search for a 5 a side league near you?

Check out the ‘league finder‘ to see our locations for our small sided football. We have five a side venues in east London, central London, west London, south London, and north London. Search our locations and find a league & venue to find the league that’s nearest to you.

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Stats (fantasy five a side football!)

Stats recorded live

Every AppearanceGoalPOM and Assist are recorded by the ref and published in real-time.


5aside.com™ is the UK only five a side league to record assists – Finally the under-appreciated creative player gets recognition! Also Goals, POMs, Caps, Clean sheets, Assists-to-match ratio, Goal-to-match ratio

Player rankings & hall of fame

Compare your five-a-side stats with other top performers on the league rankings page or for the ultimate honour, you could make it into the all-time hall of fame featuring our best players.

The ultimate 5 a side experience

Check out the video of our Marylebone 5 a side

Get an idea of what to expect when you play football with us.

Pitch side scoreboard / timer

The 5 a side pitch scoreboard is on the halfway line so you can keep an eye on the score – No more having to ask the ref!
Useful for substitutions, keeper changes and game management – Having the score and timer on display can really add to the drama as the match enters the last few mins.

Team & player award ceremonies

Our epic ceremonies involve the league manager presenting the champions with a trophy, bottle of fizz & their individual medals. The top individual performers are also presented with trophies including: Golden boot, Most creative (assists), Golden glove & Player of the season.

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The best venues, 3G pitches & footballs

Perfect pitches for small sided
football leagues

Our evening fiveaside league venues in London venues are all 3G or 4G pitches and floodlit. You can see exactly which 5 a side pitch you have (3G, 4G or Astro pitch) on the venue page.

Fresh footballs for 5 a side football tournaments

Our match balls are always fresh – no more playing with tired footballs! We designed these balls with the five a side footballer in mind; A soft outer for finesse touch and hexagon structure for sweet passing and shooting (see image above)

FA affiliated league & pro Refs

FA affiliated London small sided
football league

We are affiliated by the London FA, so you can rest assured that we keep best practices for safety, quality, and consistency.

Each league season the 5aside.com™ Fair play award is presented to a team “In recognition of exemplary behaviour that promotes the spirit of respect, compassion and love for the football”.

FA accredited referees

Tired of uninterested and unprofessional referees that don’t stick to the rules? Each 5aside.com™ league has a dedicated FA trained and accredited referee. Our five a side football FA referees get to know the players and understand how to keep playing football safe and fun by following a clear set of rules.

5 a side football rules

Looking for 5 a side football near you?

5aside.com offer leagues in London
Match previews & reviews *COMING SOON
Key info

All the essential info

4 types of analysis

Top players (goals & assists)
· Team form (last 5 matches)
· Prev. Vs (prev. head-to-heads)
· League positions
· Timeline (match storyline)
· Line-ups (who played)
· Gallery (images/video)
· Match report

Team form

Five match form
of each team

Match timeline

The key moments of the match
in chronological order

The future of 5 a side football

Unparalleled detail and insight

Take your 5 a side experience to the next level – If it’s in the pro game, then we aim to make it a feature at 5aside.com™.

Match previews (fixtures) *Coming soon

Scout out your opposition with Top playersTeam form, Prev Vs (head2heads) and League position analysis.

Match reviews (results) *Coming soon

All the stats and info you need for the post match debrief with Timeline, Line-ups, Gallery and Report.

Player card - Your 5 a side profile (gone pro)

The player card *Coming soon

Every player gets their own card to track their 5 a side football career. Watch your ratings and status grow (and fall) to compete against other players (and teammates!)

Player ratings

Ratings for DefenceAttack, Passing and Shooting and the overall Player rating are algorithmically generated using stats from the player’s performances (more updates that FIFA!)

Player status *Coming soon

Player cards also include GoalsPOMs and Assists statuses – With colour coded icons representing a player’s current status within their team and league – Have you got what it takes to you get the prestigious gold icon?

The player card *coming soon
Player rating

Algorithmically generated
overall player rating. Uses stats
from the player's performances

Dynamic ratings

Algorithmically generated
player ratings. Uses stats from
the player's performances

Player profile

All the essentials including,
playing position, nationality,
team logo, photo & name

Player status

Goals | POMs | Assists
Gold icon = Top player in league
White icon = Top player in team
Grey icon = No player status

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