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FAQs | Info

  • We provide: Footballs, FA accredited ref, scoreboard/timer & bibs
  • All you need is: Appropriate footwear – astros or trainers, no studs (moulded studs can be worn at some venues) & shinpads (recommended but not mandatory)
  • Ultimate5aside rules can be found here
  • Our common sense rules are designed to maximise football time and keep goalkeepers involved (does your keeper fancy himself as a bit of a Pirlo?)
  • Teams can sign up online team entry form here
  • After your refundable deposit is paid, your team will be registered into the league
  • You can play for one season or more (most teams stay)
  • Leagues run every week, all year round, except for a break at Christmas/NY
  • Teams sign up for a season
  • Seasons last between 10 & 18 weeks
  • Teams play the same day of each week at the same venue
  • Teams will play every week unless they have a rest week (rest weeks only applicable in some leagues)
  • Fixtures are posted in advance on the website fixtures page
  • Each player receives a weekly email with next fixtures & league info
  • Refundable deposits are required to ensure that when a team enters the league, they fulfil every fixture
  • We do everything we can make games happen – You can see more on refundable deposits & system here
  • Forfeits are thankfully rare, but we will attempt to arrange a friendly game with another team with reduced match fees.
  • You will also be awarded 3 points and win the game 5-0
  • If you don’t get a match at all, no match fees will be payable
  • If you want to a join team or find a game tap here
  • Results, scorers and individual stats get updated live
  • You will be able to check who got the goals, assists & MOM in the pub for post match analysis/bragging/shaming!
  • Match fees vary, but a typical cost is £8 per match per player – see more on match fees here
  • No joining fees or hidden costs
  • Just the refundable deposit (you get this back once you fulfil all your fixtures) – see more on deposits here
  • Our match fee structure rewards teams that pre pay rather than match day pay (so the ref is reffing and not taking payments!)



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