Guides: Play football & 5 a side

We’ve created an insider’s guide to football. Here, we’ll provide you with all of the tips, tactics and information needed to play football and understand the sport.

ⓘ We want to ensure players (particularly new football players) are kept up-to-date with all the latest football and 5 a side insights, tactics and tips. Players can avoid making mistakes on the pitch that can cost the game. All too often teams walk off the pitch not knowing what went wrong – From wrong tactics and strategy, to poor stamina, we will explore the pitfalls and discover how 5 a side football is a very different to 11 a side football.

Tactics and technique aren’t the only elements of a game players need to understand. Players should also know what the best pitches and equipment are. Among other things, they also need to know the rules, which are covered comprehensively in the guides below.