Euro 2024 5-A-Side Selection: The Best Players from Each Team

Euro 2024 5-A-Side Selection: The Best Players from Each Team

Euro 2024 is expected to be an extraordinary event, highlighting some of the world's finest football talent. Let's take a look at some of the best players from different teams.

5aside.com explore the top 5-a-side selections for the tournaments powerhouse teams. We assemble a hypothetical dream team with the standout players from their Euro 2024 squads.

England’s 5-A-Side Selection

England’s abundance of football talent makes it difficult to choose only five players. Nevertheless, the selected players showcase a perfect mix of skill, experience, and versatility.

Jordan Pickford (Goalkeeper): Renowned for his shot-stopping abilities and distribution skills, Pickford is a reliable presence in goal. The England number one is a great leader to have at the back.

Kyle Walker (Defender): With his exceptional crossing and vision, Kyle Walker brings creativity and solidity to the defence. Not to mention his lightning pace which makes him almost impossible to beat.

Declan Rice (Midfielder): Rice’s defensive mastery and ability to control the tempo make him an essential part of the team. After a great season with Arsenal, the Englishman puts himself as one of the best in the world in his position.

Phil Foden (Midfielder/Forward): Foden’s dribbling skills and eye for goal add a dynamic edge to the side. This is a player that will be full of confidence after an impressive season with Manchester City.

Harry Kane (Forward): As a prolific goal-scorer and playmaker, Kane is the perfect striker for this 5-a-side team. The Bayern Munich striker is well-known for his clinical finishing.

According to the latest Euro 2024 odds, England are the favourites to take home the trophy.

England Euro 2024 5-a-side team
England Euro 2024 5-a-Side Team

Germany’s 5-A-Side Selection

Germany’s rich football history and current roster make for an exciting 5-a-side team, filled with technical excellence and tactical acumen.

Manuel Neuer (Goalkeeper): Renowned for his exceptional shot-stopping abilities, distribution skills, and leadership on the field, Neuer is a tough keeper to beat. This combined with his experience makes him the ideal choice.

Antonio Rüdiger (Defender): Rüdiger’s strength, passing range, and defensive skills are invaluable in a 5-a-side format. The centre-back’s leadership qualities will keep the team organised from the back.

Toni Kroos (Midfielder): Known for his intelligent play and goal-scoring ability from midfield, Kroos is a key player even towards the back end of his career.

Florian Wirtz (Midfielder / Forward): Wirtz’s pace, dribbling, and creativity make him a constant threat in attack. After a remarkable season with Bayern Leverkusen, Wirtz is one of the hottest prospects in Europe.

Kai Havertz (Forward): Havertz’s finishing skills and ability to play in multiple attacking positions make him an important component of the team. His height an physicality add another dimension to any attack.

Germany Euro 2024 5-a-Side Team
Germany Euro 2024 5-a-Side Team

France’s 5-A-Side Selection

France, the 2018 World Cup champions, have an abundance of talent. Their 5-a-side team showcases a perfect blend of youth and experience, combined with flair and power.

Mike Maignan (Goalkeeper): Maignan is a talented French goalkeeper known for his agility, reflexes, and commanding presence in the penalty area. His leadership and shot-stopping ability provide a strong foundation in goal.

William Saliba (Defender): Saliba’s defensive solidity and aerial expertise make him an essential part of the defence. After another great season with Arsenal, the centre-back is only getting better and better.

N’Golo Kanté (Midfielder): Kanté’s work rate, tackling, and ability to cover ground are unmatched. The Frenchman continues to prove that class is permanent.

Kylian Mbappé (Forward): This is a player that speaks for himself. Mbappé’s speed, skill, and goal-scoring record make him one of the best players in the world.

Antoine Griezmann (Forward): Griezmann’s creativity, vision, and finishing ability add a sophisticated touch to the attack. He also brings some significant experience at the top level to the team.

France Euro 2024 5-a-Side Team
France Euro 2024 5-a-Side Team

Ultimate Euro 2024 5-A-Side Dream Team

Here is the ultimate 5-a-side selection, featuring exceptional talent from Euro 2024 teams beyond the favourites mentioned above. This team combines skill, versatility, and star power to showcase the best of the tournament.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (Goalkeeper – Italy): Donnarumma is an Italian goalkeeper celebrated for his impressive shot-stopping skills, composure under pressure, and exceptional performances from a young age.

Virgil van Dijk (Defender – Netherlands): Van Dijk’s defensive skills and ability to play out from the back are very important, but it’s his leadership qualities that make him a must-have player in this team. 

Luka Modrić (Midfielder- Croatia): Modrić’s intelligence and experience make him a standout player. With six Champions League wins under his belt, he knows what it takes to win a game of football.

Kevin De Bruyne (Midfielder – Belgium): De Bruyne is a Belgian midfielder renowned for his exceptional vision, precise passing, and ability to both create and score goals from midfield.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Forward – Portugal): This is another player that speaks for himself. As one of the greatest players of all time, Ronaldo’s goal-scoring prowess, physicality, and leadership qualities allow him to walk into any team.

Ultimate Euro 2024 5-a-Side Team
Ultimate Euro 2024 5-a-Side Team

As you can see from these 5-a-side teams, there will be some remarkable talent featured in this year’s Euro 2024 tournament. Every player selected offers unique attributes, creating a perfect mix of defensive solidity, midfield ingenuity, and attacking prowess. These picks underscore the depth and variety of footballing excellence across Europe today.