Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: Ultimate 5 a side Football is Back!

Are we allowed to play 5 a side football? Yes five a side football is back! 5aside.com continue to follow the FA's Covid-secure guidelines (below), which have been implemented in all our five a side football leagues.

When can 5 a side football be played again after Coronavirus measures are eased?

Our 5 a side football outdoor leagues will restart straight after Easter (Tuesday 6th April onwards)

The Government’s announcement on 22nd of February regarding the Covid-19 roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions means we can look forward to the safe return of outdoor 5 a side football.


Current league seasons / teams

Matches have been rescheduled and fixtures can be found here: https://5aside.com/fixtures/


Looking to join a 5 a side football league?

Registrations for new seasons are open*

*New teams/seasons remain subject to 5aside.com’s terms and conditions. Please also note that due to COVID restrictions start dates are subject to change)

As well following the FA’s Covid-secure guidelines (see Coronavirus guidelines below), our leagues have more features than what other leagues have to offer.
From FA trained refs to top 5 a side, 6 a side, and 7 a side 4G and 3G pitches, quality 5 a side footballs, and easily accessible venues, our mission is to ensure that you can enjoy your time on and off the pitch.
5aside.com™ run 5 a side leagues in North, South, West, East, & Central London.

If you’re looking for a London 5 a side football league near you, check out our leagues…


Covid-Secure Guidelines

Before the game

  • As always player appearances will be inputted (by the ref) and visible online which assists ‘NHS test and trace’ if ever needed.
  • Personal hygiene measures should be carried out by everyone and hand sanitisers brought to and used at the match venue.
  • If you want to warm up/train with a ball you must bring your own football.
  • No bibs provided: Teams should wear same kit or same colour shirts.
  • Players should arrive changed and ready to take part.
  • Use of facilities, changing rooms and toilets should be kept to a minimum.

During the game

  • When the ball goes out of play it should be retrieved using the feet rather than the hands where possible.
  • Players must not spit and should avoid shouting or raising their voices when facing each other, as detailed in The FA Covid-19 Code of Behaviour.
  • Set plays: players are encouraged to avoid unnecessarily long set-ups or close marking.
  • No sharing of keeper gloves.
  • Subs should not group together and should spread out which aligns with wider social distancing guidance.
  • Match fee payments remain cashless.

After the game

  • No handshaking: 5aside.com usually advocate this sporting gesture wholeheartedly, but for now its no handshaking.
  • Hands should be washed at the earliest opportunity and personal equipment should be wiped down with a disinfectant.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, players should take their kit home and wash it themselves, or by family members.
  • Post-Match showers should be taken at home.
  • Everyone must continue to maintain social distancing including in any facilities where groups of people congregate (e.g. clubhouses).
  • Everyone should leave following the traffic-flow system the club or facility provider has put place.
  • Anyone who becomes infected after training/matches should report this to the NHS test and trace system.