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Our deposit & forfeit rules ensure that leagues run smoothly and are fair for everyone. If your team is short on players for a match, follow the protocol below (we understand that getting a team together can sometimes be like herding cats, so we help where we can)

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Refundable deposits

•All teams must pay a refundable deposit to enter a league.

•To receive a full refund of the deposit, teams must ensure that all match fees are paid in full for every match of their season

•Teams must turn up to all of their fixtures or pay any applicable match forfeits for missing matches (see below) before they can receive their deposit back.

•When registering for a league, a team commits to a whole season and will only receive their deposit back once a season is complete or (if they cannot continue) can (themselves) find a suitable replacement team

•It will be assumed that a team will continue on to the next season with their deposit rolling over to the new season

•A team must give their respective league manager at least 10 days notice (from the last matchday of the league’s season) if they do not want to continue to the next season

•A team’s deposit must remain at the original total and be replenished if it’s reduced in any way before a team’s next match


Match forfeits

The following rules are designed to ensure that no opposition is left without a game and fixtures run smoothly. For repeated absence, offending teams may be removed from a league.

When a team gives us warning we can sometimes help them avoid a forfeit and get a game on.

•If a team fails to turn up for a fixture or doesn’t inform a league manager a minimum of 48 hrs prior to their Kickoff time that they can’t make the game, the team pays for the whole match (both team fees – We don’t like forfeits either, but the ref, hire, and all other fees that go into running a league must be paid) and forfeit the match 0-10

•If a league manager is informed that a team can’t make a fixture a week (or more) prior to kick off time, the team pay for their match fees only and forfeit match 0-10

NOTE – If a team forfeits a match and there are applicable fees, they must top up your deposit (to original amount) before the next match. More information on T&Cs can be found here


Short on players protocol

If you are struggling for players it’s always much better to get a game going, even if it’s just 2 or 3 regular players representing your team.

Follow the protocol below to give yourselves the best chance of avoiding a forfeit and ensuring football gets played (what we all want!):

1️⃣ We might be able to help you find ringer(s) by broadcasting to our players community – WhatsApp or email us ASAP. Tell us your game’s KO time, venue and the match fees that will be expected of the player (when desperate offer free fees!)

*Note that your league manager will do their best to help where they can, but it remains the responsibility of team itself to get enough players to play.

2️⃣ Bring in other team’s players at the league venue – There will almost always be players from other teams wanting more game time. So ask players who are on the sidelines waiting for their match to start or finish

3️⃣ Let the ref know that you need ringers. Do this before your game is set to start to allow time for him to ask for ringers from other teams

4️⃣ If you think that you still won’t have enough players (even after the above protocol has been considered) then WhatsApp or email your league manager that you would like to forfeit the match and accept the applicable penalty(s) incurred which are explained above

NOTE – Sometimes, with adequate warning (minimum 2 weeks) a team can request that their problematic fixture is moved (this is usually only possible towards the start of the season)