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Marylebone Thursday 5-a-side

Marylebone Thursday 5-a-side

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Player rankings

Season: Player rankings ⭐🏆

The top performers are presented with ‘Golden boot’, ‘Most creative player’ & ‘Player of the season’ trophies at the end of season ceremony #Ultimate5aside

League: Player hall of fame ⭐🏛️

Compete with other players to join the previous award winners [below]

5aside.com™: Player hall of fame ⭐💯🏛️

We honour the most capable and committed players in the 5aside.com™ ‘Player hall of fame’ [below]

Season: Player rankings

League: Player hall of fame

Golden boot

Award winnerSeason
Tom HWinter/Spring 2021
James MSpring/Autumn 2020
Dom LWinter 2019/20
Joey MSpring/Summer 2019
Ryan FWinter 2018/19
Thaddeus VSummer 2018
Dom LSpring 2018
Mark OHWinter 2017/18
Jono WSummer 2017
Tom HSpring 2017
Abdul CWinter 2016/17
Marcus RSummer 2016
James MSpring 2016

Most creative

Award winnerSeason
Tom PWinter/Spring 2021
Tom PSpring/Autumn 2020
Matt RWinter 2019/20
John CSpring/Summer 2019
Sam AWinter 2018/19
Danny WSummer 2018
James ESpring 2018
Sam AWinter 2017/18
Jono WSummer 2017
Tom PSpring 2017
Tom PWinter 2016/17
Abdul CSummer 2016
Matt HSpring 2016

Player of the season

Award winnerSeason
Badea IWinter/Spring 2021
Oli GSpring/Autumn 2020
Matt RWinter 2019/20
Joey MSpring/Summer 2019
Ryan FWinter 2018/19
Thaddeus VSummer 2018
Chris GSpring 2018
Mark OHWinter 2017/18
Tom HSummer 2017
Rob OSpring 2017
Mark GWinter 2016/17
Abdul CSummer 2016
Andy GSpring 2016

5aside.com: Player hall of fame

Top Scorers

1Tom H217
2James M212
3Dom L188

Most assists

1Tom P173
2Ashwin K135
3Sam B135

Most MOMs

1Joey M36
2Tom H30
3Dom L30


1Sam B162
2Tom P154
3Andy G144


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