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Tom S - Personal Info
Date Of Birth:1990-07-11
Place Of Birth:
Nationality:United Kingdom
Team:F.C. A
Playing Position:CM

Tom S

    Player Stats ⋆ Ultimate5aside™

    StatTotal (All Time)
    Matches Played41
    Goals per game2.24
    Assists per game1.88
    Player Profile
    Preferred foot:Right
    Footballing level (using Ultimate5aside’s guide):Intermediate
    How fast (on a scale of 1 – 10):7
    Pro player most alike:Info not yet available
    Supports:Info not yet available
    Ultimate 5 a side pick:Info not yet available


    Player reviews

    Mark Suttie
    15:11 01 Oct 19
    Well organised league and very competitive. Easy to communicate with the organisers. Good standard of refereeing and collection of individual player stats.read more
    11:10 22 Feb 19
    Well run, good standard, and very enjoyable 5 aside league!
    Edward Evva
    18:32 20 Nov 18
    Been there for the first time last week. I usually play in France with my friends but this is much better soccer5 here. However, we will always be better than English in football.read more
    Joe Massarella
    15:16 16 Nov 18
    Brilliant 5 a side league, top team running it and great pitches too!
    Patrick Staunton
    16:43 13 Nov 18
    Well run, good website, good pitches
    Mohammed Rahman
    21:10 26 Apr 18
    Fantastic league, well organised friendly and very competitive at the same time. With FA qualified refs. Props to Sam the organiser with live statsread more
    tekken x
    17:11 28 Mar 18
    it was very good and great.and I like this game
    mo creasey
    14:15 26 Jan 18
    i'm not sure its the best 5 a side in the world:) but its the best ive played in. Im liking the player stats and scoreboard with the time on it. Our ref is decent and league manager is quality with the organisation side of thingsread more
    Sabrina Shah Hakim
    11:04 09 Dec 17
    Good organisation and league managers. Like the player stats too.
    jack ballinger
    11:58 17 Jun 17
    Really enjoy playing at Ultimate 5 a side. It's professionally run with a great atmosphere and proper stats. It's awesome just to have the match time on the side easy to see and getting the recognition you deserve for hard earned assists is a real added bonus!read more
    Jono Weatherley
    20:08 11 May 17
    It's great to finally find a league that appreciates a creative midfielder like myself, with an assist table as well as a top goal scorer chart.read more
    Adam Vanni
    20:19 16 Mar 17
    Hands down the most organised and enjoyable league I have played in. Great turn out every week. Highly recommended!
    Robert Gibson
    17:02 16 Mar 17
    I don't score many goals but am always assisting them, so it's great that this 5aside league is tallying assists
    Dean Matthews
    13:51 14 Mar 17
    Fantastic 5 a side venue. Great format with scoreboard and timing visible throughout the games. Friendly teams and fantastic refereeing everything you could want from a 5 a side league. great pubs nearby as well.read more
    Chris Jacobs
    15:35 06 Mar 17
    Great five a side league with good atmosphere and friendly teams. Games are competitive. There is also a small pub nearby where some of the teams can be found which adds to the general nice club feel. Good online features for tracking each team which adds a extra dimension within each team.read more
    Tom Middleditch
    10:41 28 Feb 17
    Best 5aside in London!
    Courtney keep
    16:57 21 Feb 17
    Best league I've played in since being in London. Great venue and superbly organised!
    Sam Anderson
    13:27 21 Feb 17
    Finally the league me and my friends have been looking for. Having a really great time here. We are on our third season and find the level of competitiveness and attitude of all other teams perfect, the standards are high enough to keep us improving each season, but not so high that we get battered week in week out. The ref there is top top quality - which is a rare commodity in 5aside leagues from experience! The venue is great, right next to the overground and bakerloo line. I also love that we can pay by cash or card depending on how organised we are on the day!read more
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