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Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates: Ultimate 5 a side football is back. ⋆ 5 A Side League UK

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates: Ultimate 5 a side football is back.

5aside.com continue to follow the FA’s Covid-secure guidelines, which have been implemented in all our five a side football leagues

COVID-19 update (16th October 2020)

Outdoor 5 a side football leagues can be played across all Covid Tier levels “National governing body-approved organised team sport…can happen in any number provided they’re in line with Covid-secure guidance” (Sport England)
All 5aside.com leagues are FA affiliated and take place on outdoor pitches, therefore our leagues will be unaffected during the Covid Tier measures.

Covid-Secure Guidelines

Please take note of the sensible measures that are in place to keep everyone as safe as possible:

• As always player appearances will be inputted (by the ref) and visible online which assists ‘NHS test and trace’ if ever needed.

• Personal hygiene measures should be carried out by everyone and hand sanitisers brought to and used at the match venue.

• If you want to warm up/train with a ball you must bring your own football.

• No bibs provided: Teams should wear same kit or same colour shirts.

• Players should arrive changed and ready to take part.

• Use of facilities, changing rooms and toilets should be kept to a minimum.

• When the ball goes out of play it should be retrieved using the feet rather than the hands where possible.

• Players must not spit and should avoid shouting or raising their voices when facing each other, as detailed in The FA Covid-19 Code of Behaviour.

• Set plays: players are encouraged to avoid unnecessarily long set-ups or close marking.

• No sharing of keeper gloves.

• Subs should not group together and should spread out which aligns with wider social distancing guidance.

• Match fee payments remain cashless.

• No handshaking: 5aside.com usually advocate this sporting gesture wholeheartedly, but for now its no handshaking.

• Hands should be washed at the earliest opportunity and personal equipment should be wiped down with a disinfectant.

• Unless absolutely necessary, players should take their kit home and wash it themselves, or by family members.

• Post-Match showers should be taken at home.

• Everyone must continue to maintain social distancing including in any facilities where groups of people congregate (e.g. clubhouses).

• Everyone should leave following the traffic-flow system the club or facility provider has put place.

• Anyone who becomes infected after training/matches should report this to the NHS test and trace system.

New league seasons / teams

Registrations for new seasons remain open.

New teams and new seasons remain subject to 5aside.com’s terms and conditions

Current league seasons / teams

Leagues continue as normal (with COVID measures in place)

COVID-19 update (22nd September 2020)

Outdoor 5 a side leagues are exempt from the further measures announced on the 22nd of September. The Prime Minister stated “we are not stopping team sports outside, we want that to continue.” – As all 5aside.com leagues are on outdoor pitches, our leagues will go on, continuing to follow the FA’s Covid-secure guidelines.

COVID-19 update (9th September 2020)

The new measures announced by the UK government on the 9th of September restricting gatherings of more than 6 people (read more here) do not apply to 5 a side football leagues. The government state that “organised team sports will still be able to proceed” – This is in line with the current scientific consensus that the benefits of sport (played outside) outweigh the risks.

COVID-19 update (1st August 2020)

On the 17th July the FA confirmed that the UK Government approved their plan for the return of outdoor grassroots football. In the plan the FA state that competitive five a side football can return in August – As an affiliated league 5aside.com are implementing their guidelines…


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