Fantasy Football Tips: Premier League Bargain Midfielders & More!

The Premier League season is days away now, which most likely means you’re beginning to think about that Fantasy Football group that despite everything, you haven’t yet got round to picking. Fear not, Ultimate5aside is here to help…

Looking for some euro 2020 fantasy football tips that will help you create the ultimate team?

The 5aside.com™ team unveils some of the best players you may want to keep an eye on if you want a chance at winning big this year!

The Euro 2020 Fantasy Premier League (FPL) season is days away now, which most likely means you’re beginning to think about that Fantasy Football team, that despite everything, you haven’t yet got round to picking. Fear not, Ultimate5aside is here to help with some awesome fantasy football tips

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Euro 2020 Fantasy Football Goalkeepers

Goalkeepers are a great source of points for your team! Keeping a clean sheet is key if your goalkeepers are going to score any points.

But, that’s not the only way. By saving a penalty in a game, your fantasy football goalkeepers can score five points for your teams.

How do fantasy football goalkeepers score points?

Fantasy football goalkeepers can also score points by:

  • Scoring a goal – Fantasy football goalkeepers will receive six points for long-range goals and three for assists.
  • Saving a penalty – They will receive five points for saving a penalty and will lose one for every penalty they concede.
  • Clean sheet – A clean sheet will give your goalkeepers four points and for every three saves, they will receive an additional point. However, for every two goals they concede, they will lose one point.
  • Appearance – Making an appearance on the pitch gives them one point while 60mins or more of game time will give them two points.
  • Yellow card – They will lose one point.
  • Red card – They will lose three points.
  • Own goal – They will lose two points.

Our Recommendations for fantasy football goalkeepers

Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester City, England) (£6.1 Million)

Kasper Schmeichel is one of the best fantasy football goalkeepers because, like his Dad, he figures out how to get the balance just right.

Leicester raced to the title on the back of a set of 1-0 wins a year ago. The Dane made a string of great performances to keep clean sheets.

With strong summer signings added to their repertoire, the Foxes are set for another good season and you shouldn’t look past this top keep.

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Euro 2020 Fantasy Football Premier League Defenders

When it comes to choosing your Euro 2020 fantasy football premier league defenders for your team, there are two categories you need to consider. These are:

  • Center back fantasy football defenders – These guys need to have good command, clean sheets and need to provide a set-piece threat.
  • Fullback fantasy football defenders – These guys need a good balance of defensive output and attacking contributions.

It’s worth mentioning that fullback fantasy premier league defenders are arguably more important than their centre back counterparts so make sure to pay close attention to your choice.

How do fantasy football defenders score points?

  • Scoring a goal – Simply scoring gives fantasy football defenders six points while a long-range goal gives them one extra and an assist gives them an extra three points.
  • Appearance – Making an appearance on the pitch gives defenders one point and 60mins or more game time gives them an additional two points.
  • Yellow card – Fantasy football fefenders will lose one point for each yellow card.
  • Red card – This will cost them three points.
  • Own goal – An own goal will lose defenders another two points.
  • Clean sheet – This will provide them with four additional points.
  • Winning a penalty – This will provide defenders with two points.
  • Conceding a penalty – They will lose one point if they conceded a penalty.
  • Missing a penalty – Defenders will lose two points if they miss a penalty.

Our Recommendations for premier league fantasy football defenders

Jonny Evans (West Brom, England) (£5.7 million)

Evans is a standout amongst the most underrated fantasy football defenders in the England league and at this cost is an outright deal that can free up some cash to be utilized further down the line.

Tony Pulis is an expert at building a strong defence and they are not going to give too much away at the back.

Evans will be a stalwart in the group thus can be depended upon.

Laurent Koscielny (Arsenal, England) (£6.4 million)

The most reliable back in the Premier League will be back for more this season and you honestly can’t afford to not have him on your team, regardless of the possibility that his sticker price is really weighty.

In spite of their endless battle to best the table Arsenal are seldom far away and have a propensity for racking up the spotless sheets, particularly at home.

The Frenchman is splendidly noticeable all around and with gossipy tidbits about another protective accomplice in transit, this could even wind up being his best season yet.

Eric Bailly (Manchester United, England) (£6.0 million)

We as a whole know how great Jose Mourinho is at setting up his guard and the rehashed mistakes under Louis Van Gaal are prone to wind up relics of days gone by at Old Trafford.

There’ll be no all the more exploring different avenues regarding fantasy football bargain midfielders at focus back and new kid Eric Bailly looks as though he will be the principal recipient.

Fast, solid and in fact great, he is liable to opening nearby Chris Smalling at the heart of the barrier. They couldn’t wish for a superior mentor to guide them through the fantasy football season.

Virgil Van Dijk (Southampton, England) (£5.9 million)

Southampton’s barrier was eminent last season and in spite of losing Ronald Koeman to Everton, there’s no motivation behind why it ought to be any different this season.

Enthusiasm for Jose Fonte hasn’t appeared in what is most likely a major help for the Saints.

His guarded accomplice Virgil Van Dijk is a genuine danger from set-pieces and an ensured pontoon of clean sheets. Of all of the fantasy football tips we could give you, it would be that you essentially need to pick him.

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Euro 2020 Fantasy Football Midfielders

If you’re wondering where mini-leagues can be lost or won, midfielders should be the first place you look.

This area has an insane amount of contrast among players and because of the way in which points are scored, it can be difficult to justify most fantasy football midfielders’ price tags.

Basically, it’s all about choosing the right fantasy premier league players rather than looking at their current performance.

A great example is France player, N’Golo Kante. While his contributions to the team are tremendous, he has few goals and assists under his belt meaning he won’t be much use to your fantasy football team.

How can fantasy football midfielders score points?

Fantasy football midfielders can contribute points in a number of ways, here are some of them:

  • Scoring a goal – Fantasy football midfielders get five points for every goal they score as well as an additional point for long-range goals and three points for assists.
  • Appearance – Making an appearance on the pitch grants them a point and if they spend 60mins or more on the pitch they get two points.
  • Yellow card – For each yellow card, midfielders lose one point.
  • Red card – A red card loses them three points.
  • Own goal – Scoring an own goal loses them two points so.
  • Clean sheet – A clean sheet gets them one point.
  • Winning a penalty – Winning a penalty gets them two points while conceding a penalty loses them one point and missing a penalty altogether loses them two points.

Our Recommendations for premier league fantasy football midfielders

Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City, England) (£7.6 million)

It’s been all change at Man City this mid-year however one thing that has continued through to the end of this football season is the significance of this Belgian midfielder.

A standout amongst the most direct players in the class, De Bruyne’s first belief is dependably to set out straight toward the objective.

That may sporadically disappoint his football partners and his mentors, however, it will be splendid for you when De Bruyne is raging the focuses table on the back of his objectives and helps.

Riyad Mahrez (Leicester City, England) (£7.5 million)

Mahrez was such a long way in front of any of his kindred football midfielders a year ago as far as both objectives and helps. Jamie Vardy took a considerable lot of the features yet no player was more persuasive than the Algerian.

Will he do the same next season? The marking of another quick forward, Ahmed Musa, ought to mean there is still a lot of room on the pitch for Mahrez to work his magic. It would be a shame to forget about him.

Riyad Mahrez was the top fantasy football midfielder on our list last year.

Sofiane Feghouli (West Ham United, England) (£6.3 million)

Every one of your mates will pick Dimitri Payet for their fantasy football team yet, we recommend you think twice before making a final decision. Instead, consider going for his new, better-evaluated colleague.

Feghouli was a splendid entertainer for Valencia in La Liga in Spain and it was a noteworthy marking to get him to the Olympic Stadium.

He’s at the same level as Mahrez. And, despite the fact that he may not exactly hit the same figures as his counterpart, he has all of the skills under his belt to make a major impact in your fantasy premier league team.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Manchester United, England) (£7.4 million)

The star of last season’s Bundesliga is currently in the Premier League and ought to flourish in Mourinho’s counter-assaulting framework.

He arrived at the midpoint of an objective or help at regular intervals for Borussia Dortmund.

Nicknamed the ‘Armenian Zidane’, he’s not one to disregard when you’re picking your Euro 2020 fantasy football team.

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Head league fantasy Premier League tips 2020/2021: The players who scored the most focuses in every position last season

Fantasy premier league strikers

Sergio Aguero (Manchester City, england) (£8.1 million)

Robert Lewandowski scored objectives for the sake of entertainment under Pep Guardiola, at one point netting five in nine minutes.

A comparative player to Aguero, there’s no motivation behind why the Argentinian shouldn’t have the ball this season.

With just Kelechi Iheanacho just behind him, he’ll get a lot of minutes and a lot of focuses.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester United, England) (£7.9 million)

We don’t have to persuade you about this one, isn’t that right?

Choosing the best starting 11 for your Euro 2020 fantasy football premier league team?

Similarly to the fantasy premier league, you’re going to have to choose 15 players to create your team. With this in mind, you can’t blow your entire budget from the get-go as you’ll need to save some money for your bench players.

It’s up to you how you divvy up your money and team but if you choose to put all three of your forwards in your starting 11, you’ll be left with all of your midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers on the bench.

One of the best fantasy football tips we can give you is to put all three forwards on the pitch from the start. You can expect 4-3-3 and 3-4-3 to be the most popular formations throughout the season.

Want to get more fantasy football tips? Visit our football news page where we share a wealth of info that can help you on and off the pitch.