The Best 5aside Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Team

Dreaming up fantasy 5-a-side teams has been happening since the start of fantasy football. Whether it’s with your friends in the pub, or with football fans online, the discussion can go on and on....

The beauty is (as always with sport!) there is no definitive right answer. When you mash up 5aside football with fantasy football, there’s some decent debate to be had!

Remixing 5-a-side With FPL

If you were in charge of a team in a 5-a-side tournament, who would you select from the current list of players in the English top flight? Do you like to monitor how players are performing in this season’s Fantasy Premier League (FPL)? You may notice that we have presumed you are an avid FPL player. Can you blame us? Over seven million people have signed up to this season’s official FPL game. Imagine coming out on top of so many competitors! That will take some serious talent and devotion.

Picking the Ultimate FPL Team

No-one said being successful in FPL is easy. There are tools out there to help you, of course. Finding them is your job, however. You can also use those resources when discussing the best possible FPL 5-a-side team from this season’s list of players. What better way to devise the ultimate mini-team than having a look at how players are performing so far? By checking certain Premier League player rankings pages, you can also get a good idea of how every player is likely to fare over the coming weeks in FPL. You’ll also be treated to the likely Premier League lineups ahead of every deadline.

Will your FPL 5-a-side team have a goalkeeper, one defender, two midfielders, and one striker? Which of your friends would be likely to go with a more adventurous setup?

Let’s take a quick look at the early-season stats in FPL. We can put together a 5-a-side team and see how it looks. Then, you’ll be able to take that information and use it in your own discussions with friends about an FPL 5-a-side lineup.

The Current Best Fantasy Premier League Selections

Going solely on FPL points so far – which you can check at any time on the official FPL site, here is an example of the current ultimate FPL 5-a-side lineup:

Goalkeeper – Liverpool’s Alisson Becker is the highest-scoring ‘stopper in the FPL after the first five gameweeks. The Brazil international is on 33 points – an average of 6.6 per round

Defender – Marcos Alonso of Chelsea is the top defender as per FPL points right now. Alonso has 38 points meaning his average is 7.6 per game.

Midfielders – Mohamed Salah is no surprise in this lineup. The Liverpool star is the best FPL player by a distance, currently. With 50 points from five matches, that’s a fantastic 10 points per week average.

West Ham’s Saïd Benrahma is the other midfield selection. Benrahma has amassed 39 Fantasy Premier League points so far – 7.8 points per round.

Forward – Another West Ham star leads the line. Michail Antonio is the top-scoring forward so far, and that’s even after missing out in Gameweek 5 due to suspension. Antonio has 39 points from just four games! It’s even more crazy when you consider his total the week he was sent off (resulting in the aforementioned suspension) was -1 point! His average from four gameweeks is 9.75 points per game.

As of now, that’s the best 5-a-side lineup in Fantasy Premier League, as per the statistics. Conversations on such a topic will, of course, delve deeper, though. Surely Alonso is too attack-minded to be the lone defender, for instance? Who’s going to do the work in midfield with two creative players occupying that space? You can’t ask Salah and Benrahma to waste their energy on defensive duties, can you? Up front, there might be no arguments with Antonio. The West Ham stalwart has proved his consistency in recent years.

Knowing Which Players Are Fit and Available

Those pesky injuries. While you may be able to disregard them in your chats about the best 5-a-side Fantasy Premier League team, you must pay attention to fitness and availability in the official FPL game. Some great sites are trustworthy and reliable with their news and can provide up-to-the-minute information about who’s in and who’s out.

Now it’s time for you to take this topic to your friends. See who puts together the best 5-a-side FPL team. And if agreement is ever reached you can use our top 20 fantasy football team names for naming inspiration – Good luck agreeing all that!