Zinedine Zidane returns to his old club… It’s murder on Zidane’s floor!

Murder on Zidane’s floor

Imagine playing on the same team as Zidane. Imagine being a striker and knowing he will see your run or chip a pinpoint cross on for a header. Imagine playing against Zizou. Attempting to contain him or even just stay with him. This dream came true for a group of footballers when Zidane went back to his old Futsal club.

The video – this will blow your mind!

Zidane makes it look so easy – Football played with an effortless beauty, with every movement and touch memorising the opponents (and viewers!)

Marvel in this 3 minutes of magic from one of the greatest, most intelligent players of all time…

What is Futsal?

Do you want to know the differences between 5aside football and Futsal football?

Well what is Futsal:

  • 5-a-side game
  • played on flat indoor pitch
  • hockey sized goals
  • Size four ball, with reduced bounce

Rules include:

  • playing to touchlines
  • players free to enter the penalty area
  • play the ball over head-height
  • 20 minutes each half

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